Update 05/11/2020

Direct From FedEx Site;

You can let your FedEx driver know that you are accepting deliveries—even if your business is still closed to customers—by filling in your information on the "Open for Deliveries" PDF, printing it, and posting it on or near your front door.

If your business is still closed and not accepting any deliveries, you can let your driver know your anticipated opening date by filling in your information on the "Closed for Deliveries" PDF, printing it, and posting it on or near your front door. 

Current Events

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 Outbreak, we are seeing far more delays through FedEx. Shipments are typically only arriving a few hours late but they have been circumstances where they are delayed by over a day.


The volumes FedEx are experiencing are very similar to peak shipping times during the Christmas Period.


We advise to only ship Monday through Wednesday to allow for an animal to be delivered that same week if a delay occurs. If shipping Thursday or Friday there is a chance the animals will not be delivered until the following Monday if a delay occurs


Important Factors to consider before you ship;


  • We are unable to guarantee delivery times.
    • FedEx are doing their best to get every shipment to recipients as quickly as possible
    • Therefore, we cannot offer insurance or money back guarantees on any shipments. It is likely the guarantees won’t be back in place until the Pandemic has been resolved. We are monitoring this daily to confirm when this changes.
  • Confirm your recipients address! This is imperative! If the address is wrong they will charge you $17 and delay the shipment by a day!
  • Pay special attention to where you are shipping. If that state has been struck hard due to the pandemic you are most likely going to experience delays!
  • Urge your recipients to watch tracking and be available for the delivery, especially if they live in apartment complexes or the address is commercial. While we will request reattempts on missed deliveries, FedEx is struggling to do a same-day reattempt, in which case your recipient would need to wait for it to get back to the Ship Center to pick up later that evening, or wait for reattempt the next business day. 


Finally the most important factor is the Animal!


  • Pack for delays
  • Temperature is a huge factor. Animals survive better cool than they do hot! Be careful with heat packs this time of year! A bigger box is always safer if you use a heat pack!
  • If your animal is a delicate species or not necessarily in the strongest of health. Will it be able to survive 2 days in a box?


These are our guidelines. We check daily with fedex on their website. We recommend you do the same


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We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.


Stay Safe, Ship Safe


Reptiles Express LLC

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