Live Arrival Insurance

(Domestic Shipments Only)

Cost: $2.50 per $100 of coverage.
Maximum Coverage: $5,000 per package plus shipping costs. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be shipped Priority Overnight.

    • Standard Overnight and 2 Day are not covered.

  • Must be shipped out Monday through Wednesday. 

    • Shipments sent out on Thursday or Friday are not covered.

  • Packaging must meet Reptiles Express and FedEx shipping standards.

  • Package must be delayed and the delay must be a FedEx approved service failure (volume, missorts, and lost packages).

    • If the shipment arrives on time and is DOA, you will not be covered.

    • Any delay that cannot be directed associated with FedEx’s infrastructure (i.e. weather delays, airport closures, local closures, etc) will not be covered.

    • If the delay is caused by a requested service change by either the shipper or the recipient (incorrect address change, reroute, etc), you will not be covered.

  • When shipping to a hub, the package is considered on time if it’s scanned as ‘Ready for Pickup’ before the commitment time. 

    • If the recipient picks up the package late and the animal is DOA, you are not covered.

  • When shipping to a residential or business address, the package is considered on time if a delivery attempt is made before the commitment time.

    • All residential/business deliveries must have the delivery confirmation option (adult signature required).

    • If the recipient is not available to receive the package on the first delivery attempt, and the animal is DOA, you are not covered.

Failure to meet these requirements will forfeit all coverage.

Filing A Claim:

All DOA claims must be made known to Reptiles Express within 4 hours of the official delivery time. If it is outside of our business hours, leave either a voicemail or an email. Failure to do so voids the insurance coverage. This message needs to include the claimant’s full name, email address, phone number, and tracking number. 

Claimant must provide a receipt for the purchase of the live reptile. If the shipment is not a commercial transaction, claimant must provide a copy of the itemized packing list from the package, which is required by the Lacey act. This provides proof of value.

Claimant must provide clear digital photos or video of all packaging - including label, outer box, insulation, packing material, and any temperature control packs used. This proves the shipper followed Reptiles Express shipping guidelines.

Claimant must also provide clear digital photos or video of the animal, showing its condition and markings. This provides proof of dead arrival.

Animal must be kept frozen for 21 days or until the claim is released, whichever comes first. If the animal can’t be provided upon Reptiles Express request, the claim will not be paid.

All evidence — receipt/packing list and photos/video — must be provided within 8 hours of the official delivery time. Claim payments will be made to the shipper.

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