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This kit is ideal for individual or multiple small species of reptiles and amphibians, as well as babies of medium to large reptile and amphibian species; depending on whether you can pack the species together and the size of the animals. The insulated box will hold one small bag or three 8 oz.  deli cups, or two 12 oz. deli cups, or one 16 oz. and one 8 oz.  deli cup.
Proper packing of reptiles and amphibians for shipping is an art form. You should limit space for the reptile to move around or be jostled around while making the reptiles feel secure and unstressed. Placing too many animals in the same cup or bag can cause stress, injury or even death in transit, so please pack responsibly. 


We've combined all the items needed to ship one small reptile or amphibian together in one easy-to-order kit.

Kit includes:

  • One 7x7x7 insulated shipping box
  • One 4.5" dia 12oz semi-clear deli cup with lid
  • One 8x12 premium natural cotton reptile bag
  • One 40 hr heat pack, two Thermafreeze Cold Cells or one Phase 22 cold pack. (choose one from the menu below)
  • One FedEx label pouch

The 6.75" deli cup will NOT fit in this box (cup's diameter is too large). If your animal requires the 6.75" deli cup choose the larger 11" x 11" x 7" box.

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