PR Shipping

Puerto Rico shipments can ONLY go to the airport FedEx facility to be picked up by the recipient. They WILL be inspected before being released.

FedEx Ship Center

LMM Aeropuerto Internacional Cargo
Service Corp D
Carolina PR 00983

3 copies of commercial invoice REQUIRED

Animal/s must have a completed USDA Health Certificate signed by a licensed Vet and made out to recipient in PR (dated within 7 days of shipment)
Only species allowed to be shipped- Ball pythons, redfoot tortoises, sulcatta tortoises, garter snakes, veiled chameleons.

Package will be inspected by Fish and Wildlife before being released to recipient
Invoice must have declared value of the animal
Recipient is liable for any duties, taxes and/or fees for shipment
FedEx Guaranteed Delivery time is 2pm

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