We would love to showcase some of your animals and present them to our online NFT collectable community, Reptilium!  


In the past several months since our project has launched we have released over 50,000 NFTs  to nearly 13,000 collectors! An NFT is a digital collectible asset secured by a blockchain, uses the WAX Blockchain for the largest audience worldwide. 


Here is an example of what to expect from the creation of NFT’s based on you and your animals.


We would love to include you and your animals in our next release. Our goal is to allow reptile breeders to make more money in the digital space than in the physical space while also subsidizing the activities that you are going to be doing anyways by providing marketing and rewards in the form of RPLM (Reptilium) which is a token that can be spent on various items and services from different Reptile related businesses. 


For your participation in this project we would like to provide 1,000,00 RPLM ($300 USD Conversion) to you for being part of this project. We will also include a set of “Epic” rarity NFTs that we produce directly to you so that they can be used as marketing materials for you and your business moving forward. The RPLM tokens can be spent on various reptile websites such as Reptiles Express and Premium Crickets as well as in the digital game space.

We can assist you in setting up your WAX Cloud Wallet, using RPLM, and spending it with participating merchants!



What we need for the NFTs:

  •  Name of the animal, if no name, leave blank.  
  •  Gender 
  •  Morph/Genetic Traits 
  •  Species 


For Each Animal  

(5 minimum, 10 maximum per release, please) 

  • We need a close up vertical image of each animal

  • We need a close up horizontal image of each animal.  

  • We would like a video of the animal, and/or the breeder holding the animal and telling the viewer something interesting/fun about that specific animal. (not required but greatly appreciated)  


For Each Breeder 

  • We need your logo and any marketing/website/contact you may have. (Email, Website,  Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 

  • We need a short 15-30 second video from each breeder telling the viewer about your business/hobby interests/your "focus"

  • We need a photo of you holding one of your animals to be used as your main “branded” card with your name/business name on it for people to collect!  


If you have any questions about the requirements, the project, RPLM, or anything else please feel free to reach out with any questions and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible. You can always contact the Project Manager, Micah at or you can call or text 470-861-7089.  

You can begin the process by using this Google Form! 


The Team

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