Shopify Direct Integration

ShopifyIntegrationShopify has long been the go to choice of many businesses including the Reptile, Amphibian and Aquatic industry! After many customers requests we created an app that will directly integrate your shopify site into your reptiles express account!

This will allow you to quickly import your orders over into your account in Reptiles Express to be able to create labels far more efficiently than ever before!

To use this app please provide your name and your shopify website address by sending an email to to signup!

Some of the features to expect;

  • You will have a dedicated section under your account that will pull the orders from your shopify site.
  • You set your shipping price through shopify shipping (A Flat rate you are satisfied with)
  • Your prices are exactly the same as if your normally created the label through our sytem (There is no charge for using the integration and your discounts are all tied to your specific account!)
  • Once created and the labels are process through checkout, shopify will be notified with shipping and update automatically! This will allow any certain tracking emails you send automatically through shopify to be used! 

Thank you for the feedback Alex (Imperial Reptiles FL)

Imperial Reptiles Beta Tester

This Is How It Works:

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