Reptiles Express makes shipping my beloved animals a stress free experience every time. It's such a relief to know that they are there to ensure the process runs smoothly. The discounted rates are a great benefit as well. I love Reptiles Express and recommend them to everyone that asks me about shipping animals.

THANK GOODNESS! For Reptiles Express. I couldn't cut through FedEx's layers of red tape but with Reptiles Express I was instantly cleared to ship all my geckos at such a low price I will never have to haggle with the post office or UPS ever again! Thanks, Reptiles Express for quick customer service, instant shipping quotes and the best shipping prices ever!

Reptiles Express is the best in the business. ReptilesExpress makes shipping so much easier. Reptiles Express has the best customer service I ever dealt with. I wouldn’t use anyone else - ReptilesExpress.com all the way!

Thank you ReptilesExpress. Your owners are very fortunate to have you, for your customer service is tremendous.

I've been breeding and selling reptiles since 1990. I have used my own UPS and Fedex accounts, and have tried other shipping services. Things I've searched for are price number one and customer service number two. Reptiles Express lured me in with the best prices in the industry. If you are in this hobby you know price is paramount. I've been a Reptiles Express shipper since 2013 and have never used another service since. I use them to ship my dry goods as well as creating labels for other Reptile Collective breeders to ship to me, They have saved me an immense amount of time and thousands of dollars. And the best part is their customer service is phenomenal and they treat every shipment as if it were their own with step by step tracking and alerts. If you are reading this wondering if Reptiles Express is the shipper for you to ship your beloved pet or beloved pets to your customers or associates I assure you, you will not find better prices or a better group of people to spend your money with. The search is over...

PS the packing and shipping advice are free take advantage of their knowledge, and the Live Arrival Insurance is an amazing added protection!

A couple of days ago, my live reptile shipment was delayed. According to FedEx, the package missed the plane and wouldn't arrive until two days later. I was very upset and my customer was panicking. FedEx wouldn't tell me why it would take them two entire days to ship the package or whether the building he was held at had air conditioning or not.

Then I called Reptiles Express and got a hold of Mike. Mike already knew about the problem and was working on it. I was surprised by this! To make a long story short, Mike and Kelly were incredibly helpful. They managed to get the baby chameleon safely to his new home that same night! I can't thank them enough for that.

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